Considering these simple facts can save you the stress of planning!

It is quite common for planners to associate corporate entertainment with a standard cookie-cutter booking system. As a result, the consideration of entertainment in an event is lacking a thoughtful direction, and cohesive purpose. Very often, a poorly planned entertainment insertion can actually result in guest discomfort, rather than positive experience. In order to achieve the most successful feedback, here are some key factors to avoid:


Dismissing Demographics

It is crucial to be able to match your entertainment with your audience. One of the best planning practices is to do your research. Corporate entertainment does not necessarily have to be cookie-cutter. Although elements such as decor and floral arrangements may be easily achieved through personal taste, entertainment should not be a subjective compromise.

Isolating the entertainment experience 

Remember the effectiveness of entertainment integration in both experiential marketing, and corporate entertainment. A staged performance is to be expected, so go against the stream! Surprise your guests. When you create separation between the guests and the entertainment, you may be hindering the potential of positive guest experience.


Poor Timing

Timing can mean two things – last minute booking, and poor scheduling. Similar to other elements of the event – catering, decor – corporate entertainment is at its best when planned in advance. The entertainment that creates the ‘wow’ factor takes careful planning, and is usually not readily available for last-minute needs.
The secondary factor of timing is within the itinerary of the event itself. It is important to be aware of simple details such as the catering schedule, and the pace of food service. A staged show can often be dismissed by guests when it coincides with dinner service.

Quality corporate entertainment is crafted through the right amount of research, planning, and knowledge of guest expectations. At Creativiva, corporate entertainment  is not an experience booked with a roster, it is where we break common boundaries, and produce the utmost unforgettable experiences.

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