Looking for sophisticated resort entertainment for adults-only properties? Creativiva shares it insight on how to amuse the most discerning guests.

It can be challenging to please adult audience with live entertainment because of their spectator experience. Creativiva shares some innovative ideas for adults only resort entertainment.

1. Aerial entertainment for a pool area


This effective activation of space above the pool surface can feature a variety of different aerial disciplines and provides a great opportunity to explore different aerial apparatuses, including custom-made ones.

2. Whimsical varieté


This kind of resort entertainment is defined by phantasmagorical characters and visually intriguing costumes. Taking inspiration from avant-garde art movements, the surrealistic performances please both aesthetically and intellectually.

3. Circus cabaret


Combining two genres – circus and cabaret – leads to a unique adults-only resort entertainment experience. Circus performances, that demonstrate out-of-this-world capabilities of strength, flexibility, and balance of circus artists, take a flirtatious spin.

4. Dinner theatre experience


Being a theatrical and culinary experience at the same time, dinner theatre shows are on the rise as resort entertainment all over the world. Adding new senses – taste and smell – to the entertainment experience allows makes it multi-sensory and unique for every spectator.

5. Luxurious burlesque show


Burlesque shows are not a new idea – burlesque came to America in 1860s – however, a really tasteful, sophisticated and witty burlesque show is hard to find nowadays. Don’t settle for amateur performers for this type of resort entertainment – hire a production company to create a professional burlesque show.


We at Creativiva have mastered an art of creating show productions that represent not only the best resort entertainment, but the best entertainment – period.

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