Looking for innovative corporate entertainment solutions ?

As 2016 is already well advanced, event planners around the globe are looking ahead to book the best corporate entertainment for their events.

To give event planners a heads up, and to help keep them ahead of the game when it comes to corporate entertainment, here are 5 innovative corporate entertainment solutions that will surely wow audiences.

1 – Dress Video Projection 

Video projections in live corporate entertainment have been around for a while, but is most of the time used on decors or on the ground. But what if we use a beautiful artist and her seemingly endless white dress to project video content on ? A poetic way to tell stories and immerse your guests in the specific atmosphere.


2 – Air Ground Ballet 

It starts like a ballet piece, with grace and elegance, and all of a sudden turns into a surprising circus aerial act when a ballerina rises above the ground, and continues her beautiful performance up in the air.


3 – Live Projection Mapping Show

Using projection mapping, the artist travels through various fantastical worlds, interacting with imaginary characters and fantastic landscapes. A magical performance and a blockbuster in corporate entertainment!


4 – Crystal Aerialist

An aerial circus artist wearing a costume entirely covered in small mirrors and crystals. The glittering mobile mosaic is made up of about thousands of reflective components. The result is a stunning reflective effect and a breathtaking visual experience.


5 – The Dream Maker – Circus Production 

Set in the dreamscape of our imaginations, The Dream Maker is a kaleidoscope of dance, music and circus performances. Featuring the very best talents from Canada, this jaw-dropping and eclectic spectacle uses stunning costumes and characters with mind-blowing make-up and props, all custom designed by Creativiva expert team. Corporate Entertainment so good you won’t want to wake up.


To book corporate entertainment please contact Jean-Christophe at jean@creativiva.com


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