How to use entertainment programming the right way

“We aren’t in an information age, we are in an entertainment age.” Tony Robbins.

Entertainment programming is an essential part of leisure services offered at a resort. Live entertainment creates memories that last long after the vacation, and often serves as a decision-making factor in choosing resort to stay at. Unfortunately, resorts often make mistakes in their entertainment programming that affect guests’ impression from it in a negative way and might badly influence their overall experience.

Here are five common mistakes that resorts need to avoid.


1. Outdated shows.

Being relevant is one of the attributes of an entertainment production that makes it entertaining. If entertainment programming is outdated, it doesn’t speak to the audience. If the references and jokes made would be funny 3 years ago, but not at the moment, the quality of entertainment programming goes down significantly. 


2. Shows that are not appropriate for kids.

There is nothing worse than discontent of parents who brought their kids to see a show, which turned out to be not exactly a good fit for the little ones. It is essential to provide a proper show content for every audience demographics.


3. No shows for adults.

On the contrary, resorts often pay a lot of attention to live entertainment for children and overlook entertainment programming for adults. As nowadays many resorts claim that they attract “multi-generational” groups of guests, entertainment programming should cater to those different generations. 


4. Overly interactive shows.

In an effort to make shows interactive, directors of resort show productions often involve audience into a show to an extent of calling them up on a stage for a certain number or activity. Unfortunately, this turns into a workshop rather than a show production way too often. Interactions like this, especially when they are really extended and involve only a limited number of people, quickly become boring for the rest of the audience, and they simply leave.


5. Lack of diversity.

Cookie-cutter shows are one of the most common mistakes in entertainment programming. Similarities are especially noticeable when shows are performed by semi-professional performers, and one doesn’t have to be an expert in performing arts to notice, for example, the same choreography. There are also certain types of shows that can be seen at almost every resort – tribute shows, decades shows… Diversity should be present in entertainment programming on many levels: diversity of genres, diversity of numbers and acts within a show, diversity in style. 

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