The scene of live performance entertainment around the world is ever-shifting, and the cruise line industry is not exempt from this reality. In order to remain competitive, cruise lines around the world are investing in new acts, technologies, and performance creators to spice up their cruise ship entertainment acts and strategies. Knowing what the most advantageous and unique cruise line entertainment strategies are will keep your company afloat in a competitive industry.

1. Dinner theatre

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Cruise ships are recognizing the potential that dining halls have for non-stop entertainment. Exquisite food can make a meal memorable, but a dinner theatre show can make it so much more than that. The flexibility that dinner theatre allows is extensive as well – a functional stage is an excellent addition to any dining room, but roaming artists or aerialists flying high can also do the trick. Keep your dinner entertainment simplistic and free of complex storylines so that your guests can enjoy their meals and the performance with ease. Performance types such as fire performers, acrobats, burlesque dancers, or musicians add the perfect amount of flair for your cruise ship dining hall experience.

2. Broadway style (and quality) musicals

Broadway style (and quality) musicals

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Musical theatre is the ultimate crowd-pleaser, and theatrical performances on a cruise ship should not seem like something that has been thrown in – it should mirror the performance value and quality of Broadway shows. Audience favourites such as Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, and Cinderella are guaranteed hits, and offer much in the way of creative freedom to make the aesthetic value absolutely spectacular. Family-friendly choices such as these are always appropriate and appreciated, but adult-only shows can also spice up the entertainment schedule of your ship.

3. Pool entertainment

Pool entertainment

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Shows like Cirque du Soleil’s “O” prove that the main stage is just one of the many places performance can take place. Shows involving water always spark curiosity among audiences, and the more creative, the more memorable. Making use of your cruise ship’s pool as the set of your ship’s entertainment is a unique and unexpected approach that adults and kids alike will find thrilling. Classic acts like high-diving and synchronized swimming are always enjoyed, but don’t be afraid to experiment and test the waters with acrobatic acts, above-water aerialist performances, and technologies like water jetpacks and drones to make your pool entertainment one-of-a-kind.

4. Multicultural shows

Multicultural shows

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You can enhance the true meaning behind cruise ship travel: experiencing the fascinating world and all the beauty and culture it has to offer. High-quality multicultural stage performances can bring out the wonder and curiosity of your audience, and provide them with a unique learning experience. The best stage shows that feature cultural dances and performances are location-specific, or are a melting pot of cultures from all around the world. From the intensity and passion of flamenco, to the thrilling excitement of polynesian fire performance, this world has so much to choose from to bring to your cruise ship’s stage.

5. Whimsical Varieté

Whimsical Varieté

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Sometimes, less is more… but sometimes, more is everything. You can take your passengers on a journey through their imaginations, right from their theatre seats. Whimsical varieté is a performing art form where every sense is stimulated, where colours penetrate the fantastical realm of one’s dreamland, and where grown-ups find themselves in child-like states of fascination. Paired with top-notch choreography, entrancing musical scores, and talented performers of the highest caliber, whimsical varieté shows are becoming more popular, and are a never-disappointing option for competitive cruise line entertainment.

Quality is essential

Professional-quality entertainment is no DIY matter. Don’t risk skimping on your cruise ship entertainment, and ensure you’ve hired the best production company to make your fleet’s entertainment exceptional. Use this guideline to choose your cruise line entertainment provider:

  1. Reputability – Is your entertainment provider reputable? Have the reviews from their other clients been positive?
  2. Experience – How long has the entertainment provider been in the business? Have they got the resources and experience to take their product and services global?
  3. Production value – Does the entertainment value match what you’re paying for? Are your expectations simply met, or are they consistently exceeded?
  4. Commitment – Is your entertainment provider committed to your company? Are their entertainment solutions customized to your needs?

Quality is essential

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Never settle for less than the best

It all comes down to this in the competitive market – your product needs to be unique, something your customers won’t find anywhere else. Your cruise line entertainment should reflect this value, and Creativiva, a worldwide show creation company can help you accomplish just this. We start with an entertainment and show production consultation, and build the perfect entertainment to suit your ships’ needs. Creativiva has over a decade of original and licensed show production, and delivers the highest quality consistently, no matter what the project, stage, or target audience is. A reliable, reputable and unique theatre production company, Creativiva can accomplish the ideal entertainment for your cruise ship company.


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