Still in search for innovative Christmas entertainment for this season? Look no more – Creativiva got your back. 

When you book Christmas entertainment every year, it’s easy to run out of ideas. Winter holiday season at hotels and resorts is characterized by a high number of repeated guests: spending their holidays at the same resort often becomes a tradition within families. This is why it is especially important to offer Christmas entertainment that has never been seen before and that can create a memorable experience for guests to influence them to come back next year.

Here are top 5 unique ideas for Christmas entertainment from Creativiva.


1. Christmas family musicals.

There is a lot of beloved Christmas stories which can serve as a great material for a family musical. Moreover, the list doesn’t have to be limited by Christmas-themed plots: winter holidays are already so magical that we can be inspired by many other fabulous and adventurous tales. All Creativiva’s family musical productions have witty dialogues, spectacular costumes, professional makeup, modern pop hits, creative choreography and amazing talent. Our unique style takes the audience onto a journey through extravagantly imagined universes and leaves them with unforgettable memories.


2. Variety shows.

How about bringing a spirit of luxury with a variety show full of whimsy and surprises to your resort? Circus acts that make audience not believe their own eyes, stunning dance numbers that make you hold your breath, magnificent voices of the singers  – all of this creates a spectacular Christmas entertainment show for all ages. A variety show could also be combined with a dinner theatre experience, which would significantly enhance the guests experience.


3. Interactive performances.

Christmas entertainment can be perfectly accompanied with roaming performances that will be interactive and engaging for both adults and children. An opportunity to get up-and-close with magical characters and creatures, see all the intricate details of their costumes and makeup, and take photos with them is truly irreplaceable.


4. New Year’s Eve party.

Christmas entertainment doesn’t necessarily end right after Christmas. New Year’s Eve is largely celebrated with lavish parties all over the world, and it is a wonderful occasion to pamper your guests. Entertainment for the night might include a wide range of performance genres and styles and will be truly unique according to the audience demographics and venue.


5. Headlining act for countdown.

Countdown to the start of a new year has been always a very magical moment. The Times Square ball drop in New York has become an iconic symbol of the new year countdown, and you can have a WOW headlining act for the countdown at your hotel and resort too to make that moment very special for your guests.


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