The essentials of our entertainment production world – learn Creativiva’s language from A to Z

Creativiva’s world of entertainment production involves, from one side, a lot of different processes, and from the other side, many professionals, experts in different areas of entertainment production and performing arts. However, they all come together as they share the same principles and values essential for entertainment production and speak the same language. Here is the Part 1 of Creativiva’s Alphabet.



Talented artists are Creativiva’s treasure. Creativiva is proud to support young artists giving them opportunities to perform at the best events and venues for entertainment production both in Canada and internationally.

Creativiva.comsting team spends a lot of time and effort on scouting and selecting individuals who are talented, skilled and demonstrate professionalism. Our cast consists of dancers, actors, singers, circus artists, specialty performers, and those who fall into the category “All of the above”. Before they can become Creativiva artists and be a part of entertainment production, they all must go through the talent auditions.



While many entertainment booking agencies simply sell the acts, Creativiva offers a personal approach to every client. We believe that entertainment is an art and genuinely care about delivering the best entertainment production possible to our clients. Every entertainment production Creativiva takes part in is carefully coordinated on site by our event coordinators.



Clients highly appreciate when an entertainment production company can be flexible and customize its act or show. Creativiva.comn not only adapt its existing productions, but also create an entertainment production from scratch exclusively for its client! It can even be branded with the client’s visual assets. Born from an idea, we develop it into a concept and then bring it to life.



High quality entertainment is on demand all around the world. To understand how much the quality of entertainment production is important for the audience, think about a typical event guest profile and their previous experience with live entertainment. These guests are educated and discerning. They have seen world-class productions from Broadway, Cirque du Soleil, concerts of A-list musicians and singers, so when they arrive to an event, entertainment that doesn’t keep up with their high standards will be a big disappointment.



We don’t simply provide entertainment. We create a holistic experience that the audience will never forget. With the means of entertainment production, we submerge the audience into a unique fantasy world that only exists within an event space. We create a unique atmosphere that excites and inspires. We create memories that last.


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