How developments in entertainment technology can enhance your event!

Although the concept of technological enhancement in the entertainment industry is a well known asset, there has been a vast thematic shift in the reliance on technology over the past 20 years. The introduction of new technology is never a shock, but the real question is: how does this influence the future of event entertainment?

Here are some major game changers in entertainment technology you should consider for your next event:
Spatial Video Design

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In recent years, we have seen a dramatic rise in the use and popularity of projection mapping. Projection mapping, or video mapping, has roots as far back as the 1960s, as seen in the 1969 debut of the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland. The evolution has led to some breathtaking creations around the world, including our very own Parliament Hill. And now, as the next step in the evolution of projection design, spatial video design is becoming an un beatable form of entertainment technology. Imagine all surfaces of an entire event space as a source of audiovisual media. This sophisticated method of video mapping not only creates the stunning content we have come to expect, but is able to simultaneously run content on various surfaces within the same space. This revolutionary concept will change the way exhibits are able to tour around the world, and the possibilities in event design using entertainment technology as a major tool in creative concepts.

Immersive Experiences

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This is definitely a buzzword that has been flooding many corporate marketing campaigns as of late. The term itself refers to a stimulated sensory experience which alters the entire mental and physical state of the audience. Think about the concept of experiential marketing, now heightened to create absolutely seamless experiences through the use of entertainment technology. Through detailed planning, precise placement of audio cues, vivid graphics, and instinctual dramaturgy, entertainment experts can now create entirely new worlds.

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The concept of stimulating all senses has a wide range of possibilities, and wide range of target audience. Whether its a stimulated fan experience meant to draw fans into the player’s perspective (pictured above), or a fully immersive environment in a stadium setting; the combination of audio and visual creations are endless.

Technological Decor

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There is no need to worry about wasted resources, or limited colour palettes. With the latest entertainment technology, entertainment and decor can become one blended element to create a spectacular and lasting impression on guests. The event experience can now be designed with the element of time, through programmed decor, which has the ability to change the aesthetics of an environment throughout the duration of an event.

Metamorphic Staging

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Kinetic stage design is always a crowd pleaser in major headlining concerts and large ceremonies. Now the grandeur of moving set pieces is becoming easier to produce with the combination of robotics and digital screens. This concept allows a multitude of performance platforms and entertainment content to happen within the same digital design. Ultimately, this  form of entertainment technology provides an unprecedented amount of flexibility, and a higher level of engagement with the audience.

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Advancements in entertainment technology are a constant stream of possibilities that are evolving on a daily basis. At Creativiva, not only do we seek to produce events with the latest advancements in entertainment technology, we make it our priority to be trail blazers.

We are storytellers, we are creative artists. Our mediums are ever-changing, and our ambition knows no limits.

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