Bring Paris unique atmosphere to your next Corporate event!

We all agree that corporate events should be entertaining, but at Creativiva, we believe that corporate events should go beyond that. Corporate events should be an experience. This experience must be real, rich, authentic, interactive, engaging, inspiring… It should impact your guests in a personal way and federate them together.

Are you looking for your next corporate event theme ? May we suggest one ? Paris!



Ah Paris! Beloved city around the globe, first worldwide touristic destination, city of Love, capital of Fashion, a privileged destination for international artists through the history. Picasso, Henry Miller, Robert Doisneau, Josephine Baker, all of them have been inspired by the french capital. Paris is also famous for its live entertainment scene and Burlesque culture. Le Moulin Rouge, Le Chat Noir, Le Lido, the city has some of the greatest cabarets in the world! For all these reasons Paris is an inspiring and privileged theme for corporate event planners across the globe.


Take a few seconds, close your eyes and think of Paris. What do you see ? Cobbled streets, small coffee tables, elegant dresses ?  What do you hear ? A strong accent, laughs, chansons ?

What if you could bring the unique atmosphere of Paris to your next corporate event ? Specializing in developing tailored concept for corporate events, Creativiva.comn recreate the very particular ambience of the french capital in an incomparable show.

Let us take your audience on a tour of Paris, cafes, the Seine, Moulin Rouge… Discover the city through a series of breathtaking burlesque and poetic scenes.


An evening of lust, love and hope… A snapshot of the city of lights where amazing circus artists and dancers bring the decadent but loveable Paris vibes to life!

Contact Jean-Christophe at to book your next corporate event program and why not, bring Paris to your guests!

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