Put on a circus extravaganza that will amaze your audiences

There’s nothing quite like a circus show to bring audiences to their feet in excitement. No other entertainment production feels quite as exotic thanks to the potent mixture of bright costumes, anticipation-building music and astonishing specialty acts.Our creative agency crafts both custom and traditional circus productions for a variety of venues, event types and target audiences. Are you a venue manager seeking a unique production for your stage? A corporate or special event planner? Or perhaps you are hosting a public festival or event?

Original Circus productions

Original circus productions like our Circus Canada show offer distinctive dance, acrobatic and aerial performances led by comedic ringmasters. If you’re seeking an entertainment story that audiences can already identify with/recognize, shows like our Jungle Book Circus (a unique interpretation of the beloved Jungle Book tale) offer a dazzling combination of tradition and innovation.

And of course if you are seeking a completely original circus production, our creative agency team is more than happy (excited, really!) to work with you to identify an entertainment theme and concept that ideally suits your brand. We will find and train the best circus talent in the industry, and finally conclude with expert production management at your event or venue, ensuring the show goes off without a hitch.

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