Offer fun, professional family-friendly entertainment at your venue or event

Are you hosting families at your next public event, corporate occasion or venue? You’re in luck; we are experts at creating specialty entertainment productions that will awe and excite the whole family.For over 15 years our agency has crafted custom entertainment shows, featuring artists of every variety – dancers, acrobats, actors, musicians, street performers and more – across four continents. We work with retailers, city governments, corporate brands and anyone else who seeks unique entertainment shows that will captivate the imaginations of any generation.

Family Entertainment Show Production

If you would like to have a specialty show produced for your event that complements your brand, tells an exciting story that families will be eager to follow, suits your venue and engages the best entertainment talent in the world, you’ve come to the right place. We can craft a show for you from scratch, finding and training the right performers, developing choreography, set design and costumes, and then seamlessly execute the production.

Or if you would prefer, we can entertain your family audience with one of our unique interpretations of classic productions. Our custom, licensed show offerings include productions such as The Jungle Book, which features young Mowgli and all of his animal friends (and foes) embarking on jungle adventures in a circus musical with acrobats. Or the tale of young Peter Pan, brought to life in a theatrical show, which features custom costumes and aerialist performances to bring the mythical Neverland to life.

Your family audiences will be blown away, whichever entertainment option of ours you choose.

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