Add spice and excitement to your next corporate or private gala event

Everyone has been to a traditional gala – beautiful venue, formal dinner, speeches, and utterly forgettable entertainment. Maybe there was a band, perhaps a few lackluster entertainment acts, but nothing that left an indelible mark on the audience. This is NOT the experience you want at the next gala you host.Our team crafts custom, professional gala entertainment that leaves audiences in awe. For over 15 years, in a variety of diverse cities around the world, our entertainment experts have worked with major corporations and brands, city governments, not-for-profit foundations and private clients to produce and execute inspiring and memorable gala shows that will capture the imagination of any spectator.

Create your next Gala entertainment

Wherever you location – be it Paris, Toronto or Singapore – and no matter your venue – a luxury hotel, a special event complex or a unique space – we will create a holistic gala entertainment plan that perfectly complements your brand, your target audience and the setting.

We have strong relationships and only employ the best entertainment performers in the business. At your gala, if you want a professional musical guest, we’ll find them. If you want an acrobatic routine, we’ll design it. If you want a theatrical show, we’ll create it. If you want pyrotechnics, dancers, even aerialists, we’ll make it happen.

Make your next gala event a night your guests will always remember fondly – as they also will, your brand.

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