Amaze your guests with a fabulous LED show at your event !

At your next event consider combining the power of performance art with the mystery of technology. Our creative agency uses LED lights to offer unique, customizable shows that will attract audiences of all ages.We specialize in everything entertainment. We do much more than manage talent or the regular, boring acts you’ve already seen a dozen times. We are entertainment change makers, using technology, like LED, as both a prop and the essence of a special performance.

Lights out : Exceptional LED Shows

Just picture your audience – at any venue ranging from a private entertainment complex or public event space to a hotel or local restaurant – being captivated by the beautiful combination of performance artistry and sparkling LED lights. We can either reimagine one of our already-created, exceptional LED shows to suit your brand, venue and audience. Or we can craft a new LED show just for your special occasion.

Our expert team works with the most talented entertainment artists in our industry – finding and training them to put on an unforgettable LED show. Singers, dancers, acrobats and aerialists are just a few of the performer types available for your production.

From there we will design the choreography and dramaturgy of the show, incorporating the LED lights into the entertainment sequences. Next we will rehearse our musical, play or event act over and over again with our talent to ensure the performance is perfected by the time the curtain raises.

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