3 Ways Creativiva is revolutionizing mall shows all over the world!

Creativiva is making headlines with non-stop mall shows all over the world. Where ever we go there are crowds waiting at each mall to see what exciting new production we have in store! Are theatre houses a dead venue? Not necessarily. Are theatre shows dead? No way! Theatre shows aren’t dead , they are simply expanding their territory into different venues, including shopping malls! We love theatre which is why we are bringing musical productions to you! Mall shows are becoming increasingly popular and are a new direction for performance. This is how Creativiva is making mall shows an irresistible attraction:

1) We adapt

We can adapt to any venue! Have you ever thought that your mall couldn’t host entertainment because you do not have a fully equipped theatre? Well this is the one time we may say it, but: You’re wrong! Creativiva.comn adapt to any venue which is just one of the many benefits when you book with us, as we only provide the best customized entertainment. Malls have lots of open space which we can transform into a theatre! Just imagine shopping and then BAM right there in the food court is a full musical production with thousands of people watching, cheering and having a great time.


2) We are interactive

As much as we adapt to every venue we also understand that each venue has its own code of conduct. Theatre shows have a very distinct atmosphere where the performers perform and the audiences observe. On the other hand, shopping malls offer an open and engaging environment where all members can interact. By making our mall shows interactive we draw traffic to malls on a daily basis! There are many opportunities to interact with the audience! The mall parade draws people to stores throughout the mall, the musical production is sure to have people cheering and dancing and finally, the meet and greet at the end of a performance allows people to take photos with the performers! Give your community an experience they will never forget at a mall that is sure to become a highly anticipated attraction!


3) Only the highest level of quality for the highest level of success

With our amazing program of a parade, show and meet and greet audiences have time to shop, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy the performance. We only provide the highest quality acts, performers and co-ordinators to build and run our shows. With an experienced team leading the production we make mall shows easy and full of fun for everyone! Our mall shows are highly successful when it comes to drawing crowds and creating traffic. Many people often come to see a production more than once as they bring more people with them each and every time. Each new day of performance creates a buzz bringing more people, customers and business to your mall. Not only do we provide tons of custom mall shows we also offer licensed mall shows where you can see your favourite character, like Pinocchio!


Want your mall to stand out? For booking mall shows contact sandra@creativiva.com