A grand wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. It needs to be done absolutely, wonderfully, and perfectly well. Starting from designing of the wedding invitation to deciding on the car chauffeuring the blissful duo away to their honeymoon, it is imperative to organize seamless creative entertainment all the way through. One need only relax and enjoy it all.

Planning for the big day should ideally begin from the very moment a couple says – ‘We are getting married’! The first thing to do then is to locate the most ingenious entertainment associates. With Creativiva on the horizon all you have to do is make contact. Based in Toronto, Canada, with offices in London and New York, our global presence entertains wedding audiences worldwide.

Creativiva experiments with hi-tech fusion, spectacular sensory and theatrical elements from a range of genres and different cultures to cast spellbinding effects on wedding guests. The thrilling synergies keep everyone enthralled making for memorable wedding fun. Imagine an evening showcasing aerial dance extravaganzas leaving wedding guests in frenzy. And gasping for more!

Wedding Entertainment 2

Wedding entertainment needs serious planning. Whether it’s a special entry dance or a group breaking out in a flash mob – all of it must be unique and unforgettable. Add original European troupes and you would have blazed an entertainment trail that no one’s going to get over in a hurry. We will help you get creative on themes – Romantic, Vintage, Whimsical, Modern, Rustic, Bohemian – you name it.

Select the best in-house entertainment that will be provided with flair to add excitement to the fun and gaiety. The swinging atmosphere will ensure delighted guests. We are game even for flamboyant destination weddings to keep guests happy from the wedding ceremony to the reception with entertainment galore.

Whether it’s an assemblage of close-nit 300 near and dear ones, or an extravaganza for over 1000 guests you can rest assured of our professional expertise. Leave all the nitty gritty details to us and we let you breathe easy. That’s a promise. We create customized experiences as per your senses and inclination. We also suggest appropriate multi sensory amusement making the wedding stand out in memories of your wedding guests.

Wedding Entertainment 3

Creativiva offers a string of delightful entertainment combining it all with innovative, high quality sequences that will keep everyone in a state of high enthusiasm. For all this gala festivity we would assist you to choose the best options that will match your budget. Your financial allocation will be kept in mind so that you enjoy optimal enjoyment while offering unique experiences.

Creativiva is best known for fashioning and crafting the penultimate renditions based on inherent needs and desires emanating from your very hearts . So trust us to build up from your own inner spaces, a dreamscape that we will fill up with hues of poesy, romance, dance, and music to leave you with beautiful memories for a lifetime.