Step behind-the-scenes of our show production as we are getting ready for this family show tour.

Creativiva musical theatre productions travelled all around the world and wowed the audiences of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Our newest musical family show, Cinderella, is about to depart on its first tour to UAE, and we invite you to step behind-the-scenes for an exclusive preview of what’s about to come. So once upon a time…


The story of Cinderella and the show about her starts from the same point – a lot of hard work! Our creative team puts a lot of passion, talent and effort into, first, creating a script, direction, choreography and music for the family show. 


The casting team looks for the talent suitable for a family show with exceptional acting, dancing and singing skills to bring the characters into life. It might take a long time to find a right fit for each character, and in case of Cinderella, the shoe must be a right fit too!


Once the direction for the family show is chosen, the costume design starts. A lot of attention is paid to details and finishing. Take a look at the Prince’s costume that definitely gives away his royal status!


Cinderella’s miracle wouldn’t happen without the help from her Fairy Godmother, whose spectacular headpiece is on the picture above. All children love crowns, so for this family show, we are taking the design of headpieces to the new level to leave our young spectators in awe.


We can’t wait to pack our suitcases and take off from Toronto to Dubai, so we can present this family show production to the audience of the incredible Al Qasba theatre. The venue often serves as an inspiration for Creativiva when creating a new production, and this time it certainly did!

We hope to see you there!


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