How not to fall behind in a race for the best cruise entertainment onboard

Cruise entertainment onboard has gone far from cabaret style shows and tribute band performances. As cruise entertainment becomes one of a major selling points that makes one cruise line stand out from others, competition for the most innovative onboard entertainment is high as never before these days. But how to surprise discerning cruise ship passengers? Here is our insight to delivering world-class cruise entertainment.



With Cirque du Soleil shows coming to MSC Cruises in 2017, the demand on full length circus productions is expected to grow. From the finest details of costume design to unconventional apparatuses, world-class quality is a must for this kind of cruise entertainment. Likely to have seen at least one Cirque show, an average cruise passenger now expects premium experience from a circus performance.


Whether during modernization of existing cruise ships or design and construction of new ones, more and more theatre facilities are now upgraded with large LED screens or projection mapping equipment allowing integration of modern multimedia technology into live entertainment shows. Taking cruise entertainment to the next level, technology is used to enhance the visual experience and blend the boundaries between different art media.



While Broadway and West End musicals still remain a common item in the cruise entertainment program, original, custom-created productions are becoming more and more popular. It is a great opportunity to offer passengers a show that they have never seen before and also to make them feel special watching a show exclusively available only on a particular cruise ship. Celebrity Cruises, for example, demonstrates the greatest achievement in this global cruise entertainment trend by unveiling 18 original productions within 18 months.


We at Creativiva have mastered an art of creating original show productions that represent not only the best cruise entertainment onboard, but the best entertainment – period.
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