You have never seen an office like this before! This is where creative entertainment ideas are born.

Creativiva’s head office in Toronto, Canada, is more than an office. It is also a creative entertainment studio where Creativiva holds its auditions, rehearsals and trainings. This is where all creative process is happening, so we surround ourselves with objects that are not only functional, but also inspirational. image_1

A large world map is a must in the office of the company that operates worldwide. We are proud to have produced creative entertainment in 15 countries on 4 continents, and every year Creativiva discovers new destinations and markets. image_2

To keep track of business hours of our clients who are based all over the world, we have not one, but eight clocks! They show time in different time zones, so we would never miss a deadline. image_3

Creativiva’s office is also fully equipped as a photo/video studio. In-house photoshoots help us capture those spectacular hand-made costumes our artists wear performing in our creative entertainment productions.image_4

To power our process of brainstorming new creative entertainment ideas, we use magnetic boards to visualize projects we are working on.image_5

Designed by Creativiva’s visual artist and designer Natalie, this vibrant artwork energizes and motivates Creativiva team every day.image_6

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