Join us on the exclusive virtual tour of Creativiva’s entertainment production house in Toronto.

At this time last year Creativiva was moving into a new, bigger studio in Toronto, Canada to accommodate the rapid growth and expansion of the company. To celebrate the anniversary of us relishing our new creative space, we invite you behind-the-scenes of our entertainment production house.


Creativiva has its own in-house studio that hosts rehearsals, auditions and creative sessions. Our office space is right next to it, which allows us to be directly involved in the process at all times, which is crucial for successful entertainment production.


One section of our warehouse space is dedicated to costumes. Exquisite and truly unique pieces can be found in those racks. Creativiva’s costume designers work extensively on research, sketching, fabric selection, choice of embellishments and findings… They take inspiration from anything and anywhere – history, fashion world, different cultures, visual arts, nature and, of course, their imagination – to contribute into making entertainment production process truly customized.


Creativiva’s entertainment production house is also fully equipped as a photo/video studio. In-house photoshoots help us capture those spectacular hand-made costumes our artists wear performing in our original show productions.


We at Creativiva strongly believe in the power of orange. The colour psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting; orange revitalizes the spirit. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, so no colour could represent an entertainment production company any better.


Designed by Creativiva’s visual artist and designer Natalie, this vibrant artwork on the wall of our entertainment production house energizes and motivates Creativiva team every day.


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