As we look back at another year passing, its amazing to see how a trip around the sun can create so much change! Although its been quite an eventful year here at Creativiva, we thought these particular moments deserved recognition.

Start of the hotel + resort revolution


2016 began the ultimate revolution in hotel and resort entertainment by creating dynamic shows for resorts, and changing the status quo when it comes to hotel entertainment.

New Creativiva website


One of the major changes was the launch of our new website, which allows both clients and prospective artists to navigate through better casting and inquiry information.

Theatre Shows in Sharjah

Bringing fun family entertainment to the theatre in Al Qasba was a special treat during two Eid celebrations in Sharjah UAE!

Immersing into Toronto

Gorilla photography in avant-garde costumes made an unforgettable impression of Torontonians this summer!

Entertainment and Architecture

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.35.12 PM

The wow factor was prevalent in this unique aerial performance for Ricarda’s restaurant opening party!

Piano Bar


Our 100 year old piano looks and sounds amazing during our private studio soirees!

Forever Growing


2016 showed a rapid growth of Creativiva as we expanded into other parts of the world.

Its been an thrilling year, and these are just some of the moments we want to remember. As we go forward into the new year, we will continue our mission to innovate and revolutionize the art of entertainment in all facets.
Happy New Year!

– Creativiva Family