Find out how corporate events differ from private events, and what yours might be missing!

Most of us are all-too-familiar with the obligation of attending a corporate event. But why have corporate functions become something to be dreaded? Have corporate events become too predictable and repetitive? How can guests become excited about their company functions again?

The truth is, when planning a corporate event, many planners tend to focus on a visual experience, specifically in terms of decor. Rightly so, considering 65% of people are visual learners, and sight is the initial sense of information retention. However, as planners and event managers, it is important to view each creation process as a blank slate, and fresh experience. It is also important to note that decor, although vital in an event, is not the factor that determines a stellar corporate event.

Lack of Full Sensory Experience

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If you’re planning a corporate event, it usually entails the representation of a corporation, or a brand. Brands are constantly searching for new ways to speak to their consumers, and to create lasting impressions through innovative and experiential marketing. Similar to their target market, consumers, and clients, their employees and guests need the same level of attention. Guests attending a corporate event can become a prevalent form of social media outlets. In order to create a lasting impression, planners cannot forget the power of a multi-sensory experience. Cognitive engagement is what creates lasting memory. Cognitive engagement, in particular, occurs when guests are immersed or participating in an activity, or partaking in an entertainment experience. Entertainment has the ability to capture all senses, and produce a balance in the use of each sensation. This ensure thats all sense are accounted for, and the brain’s attention is drawn to the idea of the overall experience, rather than just the simplistic element of “nice decor.”

Decor Does Not Connect

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Decor can be captivating in combination with other elements of an event. However, heavy reliance on decor in a corporate event setting can be a disappointing tactic. Beautiful decor will only impress those who are interested in decor. The decor that has meaning to a bride does not necessarily have the same meaning to the CEO of a corporation. Remember, the demographics of an event have a great impact on the creation of the experience. With that said, will and attention would not be effective if not combined with interest. This is where things get personal. Brand loyalty is especially huge when creating experiences. Consider: What does that brand represent? When selecting entertainment, it is important to be able to convey a story, and create layers of emotion. Creating an entire experience requires thought and artistry. This is when artistic direction becomes vital, and Creativiva.comn help connect your brand story to your guests. Beautiful decor may get you a compliment, but stunning experiences will last a lifetime.

Element of Life

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You can create the most epic environment, but without the enhancement of entertainment, your corporate event can seem empty and sterile. Consider adding movement, emotion, and evoking your guests’ curiosity!



Although some elements of ambiance can be interchanged throughout the event (lighting, music etc), elements such as table decor require commitment. In decor, there must be predetermined colour palettes, textures, and finishes. Once the table is set, and the flowers are placed, there is no room for development or change. Imagine again, that your sole creation as a corporate event planner is based on a visual decor motif, and a recent drought prevents your flowers from being delivered on time. The beauty of experience design through entertainment is the level of flexibility it gives the client to fully customize and perfect their corporate event. It is created with intention and purpose, and can easily incorporate the latest technology, music, and visual effects.

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Guest expectations are always changing, and those who attend corporate events can attest to the fact that floral centrepieces are rarely a predominant topic of discussion. There is a growing desire to emotionally connect with consumers, clients, customers, why not with guests? Entertainment experience in corporate events are long due for a revolution. Are you ready to be a part of it?

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