Not to worry- Creativiva offers creative solutions for corporate events!

Galas, graduations, thank you dinners, staff parties, award ceremonies, and client proposals. Long speeches, long lines, small breaks, and polite applause. This is why corporate events need entertainment!

Events should be a time of great celebration, appreciation and enjoyment which is why Creativiva specializes in creative solutions for corporate events. You have something you need to gather a whole bunch of people in a room for? Excellent! Now, let us bring your event to life! For now let’s forget the logistics and technicalities.

Just imagine:
It’s the day of the event. Piles of people are shuffling into the venue. The crowd is excited, there is buzz in the air and everyone is having a good time. Just as people are getting into the swing of things, getting comfortable with the atmosphere- BAM! A dance show, an aerial act or a musical performance hits the stage and all eyes are focused on the act at hand. People are memorized by the movement, music and tempo of the night. As the final number comes to a close the audience applauses, the buzz now heightened and the night seems to take off! People stay, chat, and take photos with performers as they enjoy a night they will never forget.


That is how you make one night at a corporate event an experience to remember.
What about the logistics? What about the technicalities?

Creativiva is a three fold creative solutions process when it comes to corporate events:

1. Each event is customized to the unique needs of your corporate event including details such as indoor or outdoor venues, costuming, props, music and specialty performance features.

2. Our creative team is comprised of high quality performers, choreographers, directors and designers committed to making sure every moment at your corporate event is properly highlighted. You can choose between fully staged shows, musical numbers, aerial acts, single or ensemble pieces and much more!

3. Our production team will not only plan the event from start to finish but will execute all creative needs at your corporate event so that you can enjoy the night!


Need a creative solution for your corporate event? Contact and see what we have in store for you!