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Event management experts and artists
At our Entertainment Agency we do more than plan and execute your performance. We create experiences that captivate your audience with a production process that is simple and straightforward for you.

Your Entertainment Production Experience
We marry your needs with our extensive entertainment agency experience to create captivating performances. This means working with you to make sure your brand is reflected in the artistic vision for the entertainment production.

We keep you up-to-date on our creative process and project management, but don’t inundate you with unnecessary details. Our goal is to build an ongoing relationship with you, delivering a smooth, organized production experience.


Your audience doesn’t need or want a packaged entertainment project. They should be surprised, captivated and hungry for more engagement with your brand.

From uniquely designed themes, local stage and costume design to expert performers and acts our entertainment agency produces distinctive shows that are flawlessly executed.

Most entertainment productions are pre-fabricated and made from templates that have already been used for other brands. Not ours. Our entertainment agency is staffed by former performers and creative artists dedicated to not just putting on a show, but making art.

At Creativiva we are performance architects, passionate about crafting entertainment creations full of unforgettable moments. Connect with us to experience an entertainment agency that goes above and beyond imagination.

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