Welcome to London, the city where everything is alive with the glow of historic sights and world renowned fine arts. Truly one of the most marvellous cities in the world, London offers a place where tourists feel at home, and locals are never bored. If you are in search of a unique destination for the setting of your company’s next gala, conference, or other event, London is a wonderful choice. Your colleagues will be fascinated with all the city has to offer – from the beautiful drone of the bells of Big Ben, to the classic view of the guards changing of Buckingham Palace, to the wondrous views from a ride on the London Eye, London is the perfect setting for your firm’s event. Ensure that your colleagues are engaged beyond the city streets and in the realm of your company’s venue, with our corporate entertainment ideas for your London event:


1. Circus and aerial acts

Image by Leila Navid via nightclub.com

High-flying aerial artists above your guests will add to the excitement of your gala! With artists versed in hoop, silks, and other exhilarating circus acts, the atmosphere of your event will definitely be sky-high.


2. Roaming artists

Roaming artists

Image by Martin Reed via alivenetwork.com

A great way to keep up the spirits of your guests and keep the conversations exciting is to incorporate professional interactive roaming artists. Whether in extravagant costumes or in caricature-like spirits, guests always get a good laugh out of animation they can talk to and take pictures with. Plus, a few selfies with the performers on your social media displays a great work atmosphere!


3. Modern whimsical varieté

Modern whimsical varieté

Image by Eric Ward via unsplash.com

A modern take on a classic theatrical entertainment form, performers don technologically advanced costumes and provide an unpredictable entertainment piece that is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. This can take the form of a stage show, an interactive animation artist, or a combination of the two – the choices are endless!


4. Live stage show

Live stage show

Image by Elena Ledoux via quora.com

Really make your guests feel like they are getting the VIP treatment with an extravagant stage show. Theatrical shows that take place onstage can be great for an accompaniment with dinner, or on its own! The options are endless: dancers, musicals, musicians, circus performers… or a mix of it all!


We can make it happen

From stage shows to roaming artists, musical performances and live music, Creativiva has all of the corporate entertainment ideas you could possibly need to make your London corporate getaway a success. Rely on the professionals for coming up with your corporate entertainment ideas, because when in London, it is important to remember that the expectations for quality in the arts are high. Creativiva is in the business of corporate entertainment ideas and execution. Bring your corporate entertainment and event ideas to us, or let us offer our all inclusive plans, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the show too. Looking for a build-your-own option? Creativiva offers many corporate entertainment ideas and solutions that we can bring to your London event.


Strictly business… with a twist

Creativiva is dedicated to delivering corporate entertainment for your events in London and beyond. Your success is our passion, and we guarantee nothing less than the very best. We believe that nothing is impossible – that the sky’s the limit. Evoke these same values in your clients and colleagues at your London event with Creativiva’s corporate entertainment ideas. Let your guests explore the wonders and enchantment delivered by Creativiva. Your corporate event entertainment should seem harmoniously with your company’s scope and values – at Creativiva, we work with you to ensure the feeling or entertainment evokes the passion and drive within your employees and clients. Set the standard for exemplary execution and imaginative work ethic with corporate entertainment ideas by Creativiva at your next London corporate event, and bring your company’s brand to the centre of your network’s connection to inexplicable excitement, wonder, passion, and enthusiasm. Explore our ideas for corporate entertainment, and your London gala, conference, or event will be guaranteed to stay in their minds and in their hearts forever.


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