From concept to reality: discover the creative process of entertainment production and how the Pianist from Illuminite came to life.

We at Creativiva believe that nothing is impossible. When we create customized productions for our clients, we are able to make dreams come true. From inspiration to reality, we create an entertainment production that wow the audience. One of those productions was Illuminite 2015, a 360-degree theatrical extravaganza that celebrated the beginning of a winter holiday season in Toronto. The main character of the show was the Pianist – a dramatic and enigmatic figure. Here is how we brought this character to life.


1. Inspiration.

A pianist as an image, a character, a persona has always been inspirational for many creators, writers and directors. Grace and strength, vulnerability and power – a pianist embodies many conflicting themes through his performance, and that’s what makes him so attractive and inspiring as a character for entertainment production.


2. Concept development.

Once we have found inspiration, we proceed to developing the concept for entertainment production. What will the Pianist role be? How will he look like? What is the story behind his character? How will he interact with other characters? What acts will he perform? We discuss it all during brainstorming sessions at our creative meetings.


3. Costume design and production.

A costume is a crucial part of the character’s visual look and makes a major difference on the impression he will give. Our Pianist wears an extravagant costume in white, red and golden colours for the celebratory and theatrical mood.  Exaggerated elements of the costume (the shoulder pads, the tail, the hat) serve the same purpose to make the Pianist stand out from all other characters in this entertainment production.


4. Makeup design and application.

Makeup complements a character’s costume and completes the visual look. Many character traits can be expressed through makeup too. Bold colours and straight lines were selected for the look of the Pianist to underline his impetuosity and vigour.


5. Rehearsals.

An entertainment production by Creativiva is always thoroughly rehearsed, first, in the in-house studio in Toronto, and then on-site. Only the rehearsal of the epilogue of the show, where the grand piano with the Pianist was flying up in the air, attracted quite a crowd on Yonge-Dundas Square! Seeing them in awe was the best sign that the show will go well…


6. Showtime.

… and yes, it was a success! Over 15,000 people came to see the show that night and left amazed and inspired by Illuminite led by the Pianist. Check out the video here. The gasp of the crowd, once the piano started its flight, made us very proud of the achieved result. The dream of the Pianist came true, and so did ours.


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