Part 2: Essentials of entertainment production world – learn Creativiva’s language from A to Z

Creativiva continues a tour across the world of entertainment production where we explain how a lot of different processes, as well as many experts in different areas of entertainment production and performing arts come together as they share the same principles and values essential for entertainment production and speak the same language. Here is the Part 2 of Creativiva’s Alphabet.


F – Festivals


Creativiva has been produced entertainment for dozens of festivals around the world – from Canada Day celebration in our hometown Toronto to Dubai Shopping Festival, the longest running and the largest shopping festival in the world. When creating festive programming, we follow these general guidelines:

  • Disrupt the conventional – entertainment production should inspire audience to think differently and see things unseen before.
  • Enable creativity – a festival can become a platform for creating entertainment production that would never exist otherwise.
  • Exploit non-traditional venues – placing entertainment production in an unconventional space can create a symbiotic harmony with a fresh twist of novelty
  • Be festive! – it’s important to lift people’s spirits with positive messaging and aesthetically valuable art experiences.

G – Galas


Entertainment production for corporate or non-profit galas always requires a special touch. Guests of events like these have usually attended other similar events and have enough experience to compare and evaluate quality of an event program. Some event planners choose a path of playing safe and repeating their own entertainment choices from the past. What they don’t know is that this “safe” path actually puts them in a risky position of ending up with guests leaving early because they are bored and have seen those acts before. Creativiva always creates unique entertainment production for every event, constantly developing new acts and shows to offer, so excitement and surprises are guaranteed!

H – Highlight


It is very unfortunate that entertainment is often overlooked by event planners who are easily willing to spend huge budgets on the decor of an event space, but not willing to pay for live entertainment experience, which is a lot more impactful and memorable. Live entertainment production is a highlight of an event because it creates an element of anticipation and surprise from what is happening right now, in the moment. It inspires by showcasing human talent, passion and imagination creating not simply an act, but a performing art piece.

I – Innovation


Keeping our entertainment production process innovative and constantly creating new acts and shows are always within Creativiva’s vision. We enjoy experimenting with new costumes, materials, props, and makeup. We integrate the latest technology into our productions. With this passion for discovery and invention, Creativiva offers unique entertainment options as no other entertainment supplier does.

J – Juggling (tasks)


While jugglers are on the Creativiva artist roster, we often feel like jugglers when we are juggling the tasks in the office and outside of it. Our team always works on multiple projects at the same time, both locally and internationally. What’s our secret? Careful time management, excellent communication, and genuine care about all our clients.


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