Entertainment in the tourism industry is no longer reserved just for resorts, theme parks, and cruise ships. Hotels are investing in high-quality entertainment to compete with the many new lodging solutions evolved from the eruption of social media. Guests are looking or more than just a place to lay their head – they are looking for an experience. Here are some interesting and unique ways to spruce up your hotel and spice up your reputation and reviews!


1. Functional and interactive marionette actors

Functional and interactive marionette actors

Image by GigSalad

Let them eat cake! What’s better than a comedic, vibrantly-dressed roaming artist for your guests to interact with and take selfies with? One who serves desserts, drinks, or other lavish treats! This is a fun way to keep your guests on their toes in your hotel (and a sweet taste in their mouths)!

2. Outdoor roaming artists

Outdoor roaming artists

Image bGéraldine Clément

If your hotel is situated on a beach or any outdoor area, you can keep the excitement rolling all day long. Whimsical performers can add some zing to an outdoor area and keep guests excited about their location and accommodation choice.

3. Ballroom aerialists

Ballroom aerialists

Image by inspiremyevent.com

Especially during holidays, hosting events and gatherings in your hotel lobby or ballroom can make for a memorable stay. Make it even more vibrant with aerial artists or other circus professionals – a great opportunity to bring people together and celebrate.

4. Lobby musicians

Lobby musicians

Image by Alicia Rose

Want the fun to start at check-in? Adding a lobby band, especially one with a unique flair, can get your guests excited and impressed right from the get-go… and you can only ever make one first impression!

Uniquely You

Creativiva is a Toronto-based entertainment company whose mission is to deliver your message of care, professionalism and thrill through entertainment. We begin with a custom consultation, wherein we will determine what vibe, atmosphere or theme your hotel brand embodies. Then, we work to ensure that message is delivered seamlessly, with top-of-the-industry production techniques and the best talent scouted from around the globe. We make your lobby the stage, and you the star of the show. Giving your guests a stay to remember is crucial to your hotel reputation, and Creativiva is the right entertainment innovator to work with to ensure high regard for your hotel.


Post by Emily Eymundson


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