It took  5 Toy Soldiers and a couple of minutes to get thousands of spectators cheering.
How ? Discover below.

November 15th, 2014, Dundas Square Toronto, Canada, 7.25pm.

More than 10,000 people braved the cold to attend an amazing large scale show, Illuminite! Now a tradition at Dundas Square, Illuminate is a 360 degree entertainment experience fully produced by our entertainment company, Creativiva and organized by Downtown Yonge BIA, to celebrate the beginning of the christmas season.


In the crowd we can hear people wondering “Will it be as good as last year? Last year was amazing! They had dancers on roof tops, stilt walkers roaming in cool costumes, and an aerial act with an acrobat suspended to a helium balloon!

7.30pm – The music starts, and 5 massive silhouettes dressed in red and white come out of the shadows in front of thousands of people with eyes wide open.


“Wow, so cool!” And cool it is as 5 smiling toy soldiers start crossing the crowd towards the central stage. We can hear the camera flashes crackle…but the best is yet to come!

Once on stage the toy soldiers start performing an amazing modern dance piece. As they move and begin to clap the audience begins to clap with them. The energy of the performers soon takes over the crowd and before you know it thousands of spectators begin to cheer and dance! It only took the toy soldiers a few minutes to fill the square with smiles and laughter.

The beloved characters were just one of the unexpected highlights of a show featuring amazing roaming acts in stars costumes, live musicians playing on elevated stages and an incredible vertical dance performance on a building facade!


See video here.

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