Creativiva is proud of producing entertainment shows with amazing performers from all around the world. Learn how Creativiva holds talent auditions to select the best.

Talented artists are Creativiva’s treasure. Creativiva is proud to support young artists giving them opportunities to perform at the best events and venues both in Canada and internationally.

Creativiva.comsting team spends a lot of time and effort on scouting and selecting individuals who are talented, skilled and demonstrate professionalism. Our cast consists of dancers, actors, singers, circus artists, specialty performers, and those who fall into the category “All of the above”. Before they can become Creativiva artists, they all must go through the talent auditions.

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Creativiva talent auditions usually consist of three stages. First, we post an announcement about the new audition on Creativiva’s social media and other online industry resources. All artists, whether they are new to the company or have been working with Creativiva for a while, must apply following the same procedures as we consider all candidates equally. We also encourage artists who auditioned with Creativiva in the past, but were not selected, to keep applying because we know that artists can grow, improve their skills and learn new ones. You never know when you might be just the right fit!
Note for the artists: spend some time on preparing a high-quality video reel showcasing your skills (dancing, singing, a monologue). We always require to submit videos with online applications.
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If selected, candidates are invited to attend talent auditions at the Creativiva studio. They should be ready to demonstrate their skills in front of the judge panel led by Lukas Cabalka, Creativiva’s artistic director and executive producer. After learning and performing several dance combinations, or singing a song, or presenting a monologue, those candidates who impressed the judges and who fit the specific production we look to find performers for move to the final stage – interviews. Interviews help us learn more about each candidate and understand what their motivation is. After having passed the interview successfully, candidates are offered to join those of their colleagues who proudly call themselves Creativiva artists.
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Professionals who work on entertainment production behind the scenes are extremely valuable in Creativiva. Our team of directors, choreographers, costume and prop designers, and makeup artists is constantly expanding, and we are always looking for individuals with experience in those areas to join us. Those job announcements are often posted on the Work in Culture job  portal, so make sure to monitor it if you would like to work with us and share our passion to push past the boundaries of regular events and entertainment productions. You can learn more about Creativiva philosophy here.

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