With many options available on the market, what makes a difference between high-quality professional family entertainment productions vs. amateur shows?

“What do you call a consumer who wants everything you have, doesn’t care what it costs and is less than five feet tall? A marketer’s dream? Nope. You call them kids.” – AdRelevance Intelligence Report, 2000

Children are a special audience group. Some might think family entertainment shouldn’t be very advanced as it is very simple to please children, however, children are very savvy these days, and it takes a professional approach to please them and make them believe in what they see on stage.

Creativiva has been producing high-quality family entertainment shows since 2003, and here is how we make them different:


1. Interactive performances.

A high level of interaction is a must for family entertainment. Children have a short attention span, and involving them in a show helps keeping them engaged and focused.


2. Superior quality of costumes.

Children are a very visual type of the audience, therefore, costumes that performers wear must be colourful and of a very high quality. Creativiva’s costume designers work extensively on research, sketching, fabric selection, choice of embellishments and findings. They take inspiration from anything and anywhere – history, fashion world, different cultures, visual arts, nature… The quality of costumes is crucial in creating a character for a family entertainment production.


3. Professional makeup.

Makeup is one of criteria that defines the quality of family entertainment. Creativiva only works with professional makeup artists and only uses professional brands of makeup. Makeup for family entertainment productions should be very vibrant and truly spectacular to amaze children.


4.  Exceptionally talented cast and creative team.

Our creative team comes from all over the world and together has over 100 years of experience in family entertainment. Creativiva.comsting team spends a lot of time and effort on scouting and selecting individuals who are talented, skilled and demonstrate professionalism. Our family entertainment cast consists of dancers, actors, singers, circus artists, specialty performers, and those who fall into the category “All of the above”.


5. Meet and greet opportunities.

An opportunity to get up close and personal with favourite characters and take a cherished picture that will become a dear memory for both children and their parents multiplies satisfaction from family entertainment experience. In addition, photo ops increase the event reach on social media when guests post those pictures online.


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