Live entertainment experience – A brand builder’s best friend ….

Despite the influence of social media in society nowadays, the best way to connect with your customers is and will remain to be live entertainment experience. Better, a well produced live entertainment experience will feed social medias and create the online word of mouth your brand needs.

According to a survey done by Momentum Worldwide, attending a branded live entertainment experience drives 65 % of people to recommend the brand to peers and 59 % to buy the company’s product afterwards.



– We all have senses that connect to emotions. Stimulating these emotions is the key to developing brand attachment. Live entertainment experiences allow brands to physically involve their customers, and to reach them in an unique way: emotionally.

– A live entertainment experience leads to conversation – creating a complete immersion into the brand environment will orient the conversational topics towards the brand itself.

– Lasting memories. Although the monetary effect of live entertainment experience may not be seen immediately, they provide very high return on investment as people will remember the branded experience and share it with their own entourage.

Today we introduce some effective ways of using live entertainment experience to increase your brand awareness.

• Make your brand come to life

Highlight your brand in an unique way. Your logo, your colours should be sublimed in a high impact and shocking entertainment experience that your guests will remember.


• Immerse your guests into your brand values

Have your guests dive into your brand’s universe. Create an immersive experience where your brand is everywhere you look.


• Take a gigantic step

Size matters! Make a difference with a large scale activation that will wow your audience.


• Reach new heights

Unconventional aerial performances are always a hit when performed by unique talents and involving the latest technologies.


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