It’s small, inconspicuous, but it’s delighted thousands around the world!

Looking for your next brand activation? The Creativiva team have access to extraordinary talents from the world of new-technology, who allow us to create unique entertainment experiences.

When producing a new brand activation, our goal is to break the barrier between the artists and the audience, to engage and immerse your guests in an whole new world, your world.


Now, let’s have a closer look at this apparently hi-tech bracelet. At first glance, it looks like a simple plastic branded bracelet, like many companies have already produced. You’re probably thinking, “Great, one of these again.” Naturally you are about to throw it away, but as you move it, surprise! A powerful LED light inside turns on! And your logo printed on it is shining like never before!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.18.57 PM

That’s when you start considering the small plastic gadget not as another over-used advertising tool, but for what it really is –  a unique LED interactive device.

All of the sudden, the creative event planner inside you starts to feel very excited. The images of what your next event could look like come to your mind, and you start smiling!


Imagine, dozens, hundreds, thousands of these unique LED hi-tech bracelets worn by your guests. Imagine that these bracelets are directly connected to pulsating lights and sound. Imagine that participants become promoters of your brand by sharing this great moment on social media; and that each of them will bring his LED hi-tech bracelet back home as a great souvenir of the unique experience you allowed them to live!

But what if we could use this unique technology in other ways?

What if we could use these LED lights in inflatable balloons that change colours with every touch, and create another kind of collective euphoria?


What if we give this new technology to choreographers and create completely new and innovative live entertainment pieces?


Yes, at Creativiva, we did all that.

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