Nothing feels quite like watching your hard work become a reality. You’ve opened a hotel, and that is a reason to celebrate! If your hotel is the new kid on the block, you will want to ensure that you make your brand known. If you are looking for hotel grand opening event ideas, Creativiva is a Toronto-based, international live performance company and entertainment agency that can provide you with everything you need to share the excitement of your new venture with the world.

Wondering what ideas will really wow your guests? Check out our list below for the best hotel grand opening entertainment ideas:

1. Avant-garde musicians

Avant-garde musicians

Image by Pouya Creative/Allied Integrated Marketing

Nothing brings people together like live music. Filling your lobby with sweet, swinging harmonies by talented musicians in fascinating costume and makeup leave a lasting impression on how your guests perceive their arrival. A classic crowd-pleaser with an imaginative twist will leave spectators in awe.


2. Interactive Animation

Interactive Animation

You can put your guests into the spotlight with interactive animation artists. Talented actors and performers in extravagant, exciting costumes and makeup interacting with your grand opening attendees will bring a personal touch to an already thrilling event. Guests will want to take photos with the performers too, so don’t forget to advertise your hashtag so people can post their pictures at your venue!


3. Flash mob

Flash mob

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Take them by surprise with a thrilling, unexpected performance. Whether it’s dance, music, acrobatics or a combination, nothing gets cellphones out of pockets for photos and jaws dropping to the floor like a choreographed number out of the blue! Professional performers will ensure the quality is intact.


4. Flair bartending show

Flair bartending show

Image by Ami Shroff

If you’re planning to open the bar for your event, spice it up with a trained flair bartender! This is another unexpected yet entertaining way to promote your brand and your high-quality hospitality.


Creativiva can make your dream hotel grand opening a reality

We begin with a consultation. We determine what you will need in order to deliver the message and feel your guests should experience. This will ensure the vibe of the event will communicate the brand of your hotel. Next, we will rehearse and prepare at our international headquarters in Toronto, with our state-of-the-art training facilities and rehearsal studio, as well as our world-renowned choreographers, directors, and visual designers. Finally, we will bring our developed hotel grand opening event ideas to life at your grand opening, delivering the quality and excitement required to make sure success for both your event and your business.


Leave a lasting impression

Your grand opening says a lot about the atmosphere and feel your hotel will evoke in its clients and guests. You want to end the right message, give the best first impression, and leave a lasting impression in the minds of your consumers. Creativiva’s hotel grand opening event ideas are unique, evocative, exciting, aesthetically stimulating, and overall, the best choice for your entertainment needs. Already have a theme in mind? Bring your grand opening event ideas for your hotel to Creativiva, where we will workshop it, develop it, and turn your dreams into reality. We also offer custom-designed projects and all-included event ideas that will make your hotel grand opening event an over-the-moon experience for everyone.

Image by Gabor Ekecs

We can offer visual set design to turn your lobby into an exciting, interactive event space, music and live performance to thrill and involve your investors and potential guests alike, roaming artists who will make guests feel both in another dimension and right at home, and so much more. Creativiva will make your hotel grand opening event a major hit, with ideas that will blow your mind, and out of this world quality that will exude your hotel’s brand perfectly – say it all, with Creativiva.


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