December 2015, Creativiva took over Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto to present ‪‎Illuminite 2015‬, a 360 Degree Theatrical Extravaganza featuring a team of over 50 performers and crew.

Illuminite 2015 is an unforgettable show combining spectacular music and breathtaking aerial displays in an exhilarating performance. High-tech props and unique lighting effects bring dance, music and  circus together into an extraordinary 360 degree experience for all ages.


Illuminite 2015 – a 360 Degree Theatrical Extravaganza

Creative concept and directed by Lukas Cabalka
Presented by Downtown Yonge BIA
Produced by Creativiva Inc.
Project manager: Yulia Gavriltseva
Production coordinator: Sandra Dagovic
Stage manager: Jean-Christophe Adeux
Choreography: Julie Tomaino
Aerial choreography: Vincent Poliquin-Simms
Rigging: Natasha Mason
Music Director: Mike Ross
Props & SFX: Marek Wojcik
Aerial apparatus designer: Hugo Noel & team
Makeup design: SJ Hall, Jocelyn Santos, Angelica Avendaño
Costume design: Roman Ermakov, Nicolas Pare, Emily Zhao & team
Graphic design: Natalie Beiruti
Photography: Kelvin Young & team
Videography: Rami Accoumeh & team
and 50+ amazing crew & performers!

Watch Illuminite 2015 Making of here.


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