Part 3: Essentials of entertainment production world – learn Creativiva’s language from A to Z

Creativiva invites you to continue a journey across the world of entertainment production where we explain how a lot of different processes, as well as many experts in different areas of entertainment production and performing arts come together as they share the same principles and values essential for entertainment production and speak the same language. Here is the Part 3 of Creativiva’s Alphabet.

K – Know-how


There are a lot of companies on the event entertainment market, however, most of them are booking agencies who do not actually create or produce entertainment shows. Creativiva has the know-how of entertainment production. We know how to create a spectacular show from initial inspiration and idea to a large-scale production for thousands of people to enjoy. Through years of international experience, we mastered this process, and this is why we offer high-quality custom entertainment solutions for our clients.

L – Lukas Cabalka


Creativiva’s Director and Executive Producer Lukas Cabalka develops the artistic vision for all of Creativiva’s productions. A former performing artist, choreographer and director, he has become an expert in curating, producing and directing unique entertainment experiences.

Lukas says, “After 12 years in the entertainment production industry, producing/directing over 80 event concepts and entertainment productions, it is still my passion. As a director, I get to choose my method of expression, to set the tone – dynamics. I want people to feel things they do not experience in ordinary situations. Emotions don’t just come out “through the glass” of tablets, screens, and displays; they are provoked through artistry. Using my everlasting pursuit of the extraordinary, the dreamer in me still lives to create.”

M – Makeup


Makeup complements a character’s costume and completes the visual look. Many character traits can be expressed through makeup too. This is why we always pay special attention to makeup design as a part of our entertainment production process. Creativiva works only with professional makeup artists and uses professional makeup brands to ensure the highest possible quality.

N – Novelty


Innovation is one of the cornerstones of Creativiva’s philosophy of entertainment production. We constantly experiment with new materials, costume designs and prop designs. We follow the latest trends in entertainment technology and integrate them in our entertainment production. With this passion for discovery and invention, Creativiva offers unique entertainment options as no other entertainment supplier does.

O – Orange


We at Creativiva strongly believe in the power of orange. The colour psychology of orange is optimistic and uplifting; orange revitalizes the spirit. Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, so no colour could represent an entertainment production company any better.

In relation to the meaning of colours, orange is extroverted and uninhibited; it often encourages “showing off” (Color Psychology, 2013), so it is again a great match for the company that creates and produces live entertainment shows.


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