Learn how these live sculptures turn event entertainment into an art experience

Produced by Creativiva, NEOS have been taking the event entertainment industry by storm. Their unique look and endless possibilities for artistic exploration of their morphing shapes caused by movement have made them a highly sought-after act for corporate, private and marketing events, as well as art festivals.


Creativiva has designed and produced NEOS in collaboration with a critically-acclaimed artist and designer from Russia. NEOS are a study on geometry of shapes, power of colour, and movement and statics. Precise mathematical calculations and the engineering approach lay in the basis of NEOS’ uniqueness as the elements that make a character change with the movement.


NEOS are not simply roaming characters. They are art objects that make a perfect event entertainment act as they can be displayed at an event and can also interact with event audience. What looks like a geometric perfection from the first look is able to transform infinitely into new surprising variations when brought together with a human body.



If your event entertainment program requires a stage act, NEOS have a show destined to impress in their repertoire. In a choreographed performance, these visually vibrant characters represent a fuse of technicolour energy and a pure artistic feeling of suprematism. Every single movement, even the smallest one, changes a shape of a character, which has been carefully calculated during the design process.


We at Creativiva are proud to present NEOS as a part of our event entertainment portfolio. This highly interactive and impactful act is a very effective way to make an event memorable.

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