There is no doubt that festivals create an irresistible sense of event. Whether dedicated to music, film, theatre, culinary arts, or seasonal celebrations, festivals are a dynamic tool of programming – more compact than year-round promotions, more open to ideas and thematic stimulus (Clark, Financial Times, 2004).

Entertainment has become the vital part of any festival that helps diversify and enhance visitors’ experience. For the festival planners, it is crucial to book entertainment that will complement a theme and philosophy of the festival and will be appealing for the audience demographics, whether it’s an installation or a live performance.

Creativiva has recently taken part in Qatar International Food Festival 2015 in Doha attended by 170,000 visitors, where the company provided the spectacular Pizza Freestyle show for five days of the festival. Two chefs demonstrated their jaw-dropping skills in pizza acrobatics both on-stage and off-stage. Their engaging and interactive performance for all ages was named the highlight of the entertainment program by many visitors of the festival and significantly added to the number of social media impressions.

Entertainment acts can truly transform a festival. To talk about unique entertainment options for your festival, contact

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