Check out our set design for a production of a legendary musical presented by Creativiva and performed on Canada Day at Queen’s Park.

The stage set design for Fame The Musical that will be revealed at Queen’s Park will bring the audience into the atmosphere of the performing arts school for the duration of the show. The design was created by Natalie Beiruti, Creativiva’s Visual Artist. The “big city” life that the students see through the big windows of the school depicted on the backdrop inspires them to start this thrilling journey to stardom. The FAME sign reminds them of the lights of Broadway, and the lockers symbolize the reality of hard work they need to put in to achieve success.

For the first time ever, Creativiva is happy to present our own production of Fame The Musical which will be performed at 12:30pm on the Main Stage at Canada Day at Queen’s Park 2016 celebration on July 1st in Toronto. This performance is a part of the entertainment program produced by Creativiva for the annual Canada Day celebration organized by the Government of Ontario. Admission is free, so anyone can enjoy this spectacular show!

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