Embraced by the city, admired by the world! How to increase impact of an arts festival on a community.

A mandate of any arts festival in the world declares an extraordinary importance of the festival to the community. Indeed, revolutionizing the cultural life of the city, enlivening it, inspiring its citizens and introducing them to the best art experiences from all over the world must be the ultimate goal of such festivals. But what makes a difference? What does awaken emotions? Here is our insight to what can be called transformational arts festival programming.





To excite and make an impact, an arts festival must offer unconventional productions that are innovative and original. They should inspire the audience to think differently and see things unseen before. They should create long-lasting memories, and that is only possible is performances break the boundaries of what’s considered standard and traditional.





Resources available to arts festivals make one an enabler of creativity. By supporting performing arts companies, an arts festival can become a platform for creating and producing an artistic piece that would never exist otherwise. An arts festival has power to remove financial or geographic barriers.





Organizing an arts festival in the urban landscape provides endless opportunities to explore new settings. Placing an art performance in an unconventional space can create a symbiotic harmony with a fresh twist of novelty. A hall of a train station, an abandoned factory, an office building facade, a rooftop, or a body of water – they all can become performance venues and transform a mundane production into a unique masterpiece by adding their individuality and distinctive history background.





Celebration, fun, joy and entertainment lie in the etymology of the word “festival”. While a part of an arts festival programme can be dedicated to those art productions that raise important social issues, which are, of course, not always cheerful, it is also important to lift people’s spirits with positive messaging and aesthetically valuable art experiences.




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