CREATIVIVA Event– Alice In Wonderland Show


Follow Creativiva’s cast of misfits and mystical creatures in their musical production of Alice in Wonderland, one of several of the Canadian musical producer’s successful licensed shows that has hit stages around the world as a touring musical and resident show!

Ever just wish you could fall out of the boring days in your life and into a miraculous world of adventure, excitement and wonder?

Alice in Wonderland is one of the musical producer’s most successful and well-traveled licensed shows

It’s the classic tale of a little girl with a wide imagination. Whether she’s in a daydream or a real dreamland, she brings the audience on a magical and hilarious journey through the land where animals talk and playing cards paint the roses red to appease the evil queen. Creativiva puts its own twist on this Alice in Wonderland classic tale, with modern pop songs and seriously invigorating dance moves, all performed by an energetic and talented cast! Creativiva’s touring musicals are produced and rehearsed in Toronto, and then sent off to explore the stages of the world! If your theatre is looking to book its next touring musical, Creativiva’s Alice in Wonderland is one of the musical producer’s most successful and well-traveled licensed shows, and would be the perfect addition to your marquis!

Alice in Wonderland, Anywhere and Everywhere

From the glimmering cities in the Middle East, to the beach-side stages of the Caribbean’s five-star hotels and resorts, Alice in Wonderland has been featured around the world in front of audiences large and small. Both kid friendly and with some humour adults will appreciate as well, this family-oriented touring musical is one of Creativiva’s many productions, alongside Jungle Book musical, Treasure Island, and so many more.

Whether your venue is theatre-focal or you’d like to add some flare to an otherwise not-so-artistic environment, Alice in Wonderland has the excitement you’ve been searching for. You’re late, you’re late, for a very important date… book Creativiva’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland today!

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