Dancing & singing our way around the globe

There are many musical productions that are adult-specific, and others are just for kids. But what about musicals the whole family can enjoy together? Enter Creativiva: creator of family musical productions with parents and kids alike will love! 

Over the past fifteen years, Creativiva has focused on bringing family-friendly entertainment to major cities in nearly every continent around the world, with brilliant touring musicals presented with Creativiva flair. Our lively and vibrant family musicals have been presented on main stages in theatres, at world-renowned hotels and resorts, and at shopping mall venues as well. We also provide entertainment consultation services to allow you the chance to see how live entertainment would best fit in your business atmosphere. If you’re looking for an extravagant show to keep the children entertained and that the parents will also have a good laugh at, Creativiva’s touring musicals are a sure solution for your live entertainment and family musical needs.

Family Musicals touring Show : The stories you know and love

Fall down the rabbit hole with Alice and embark on a journey through the mysterious fairy tale land of the Queen of Hearts in Alice and Wonderland. Or join your friend Mowgli in our Jungle Book musical, and travel through the Indian rainforest in search of the man village, while escaping the claws of the villainous Shere Khan and sharing a laugh with Baloo and the other Jungle Book musical pals. Maybe you’d like to hop on a magic carpet ride with Aladdin, Jasmine, and of course Abu, in Aladdin musical, where genies give three wishes and lessons about honesty, love and friendship are told through song and dance. These are just some of the remarkable family musicals Creativiva has to offer to your stage. Sing along to songs you know by popular artists, and follow our interactive storylines as the characters break down the fourth wall and invite you to join the Creativiva family. Many of our family musicals are adaptations of popular myths and stories, paired with modern pop tunes that your audience will love. Created in-house at our Toronto headquarters, our family musicals are decked out with impressive set pieces, professional puppets, lavish costumes and makeup, and astoundingly talented singers, dancers and actors. Amended to suit all ages and customized to your venue and preferences, family musicals by Creativiva are a great way to spark wonder and create memories at your establishment!

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