CREATIVIVA – Hotel Entertainment

Resorts and hotels around the globe have taken to hosting live and extravagant hotel entertainment to remain relevant and competitive in the ever-shifting global market.

In a world where everyone is looking for that one-stop shop, companies can’t afford to lose business by not adapting to the changing market. The best way to up the perceived value of your establishment is to provide impressive entertainment using a theatre show producer who understands how to implement licensed shows into the tourism environment. The clear choice is Creativiva – an expert firm with the know-how and real-life experience to creating memorable and high-class hotel entertainment.

The hotel shows you know they’ll love

Let us begin with a professional hotel entertainment consultation – we’ll establish a concise plan for hotel show design and implementation with one of our profession consultants. Choose from one of our many sensational licensed shows, ready to hit the stage, or allow us to create something unique exclusively for your business. As a theatre show producer with more than fifteen years of producing hotel shows and other various production types, we have the knowledge necessary to design hotel entertainment around the nature of your business, so that the fit is positively seamless. Our productions are produced and rehearsed in the studio theatre of our headquarters, and then shipped directly to you; no matter what corner of the globe you are located. We have signed lengthy contracts as a hotel entertainment provider with world-renowned hotels and resorts such as Beaches, and we would love to add your enterprise to our roster of satisfied partners in business!

Hotel Shows – Something for everyone

Creativiva’s diverse expertise of the many genres in the performing arts means your choices are endless! Whether you are interested in hosting one or many of our licensed shows as your resort’s residential shows, have interest in intense acrobatics, or would love to see guests snapping selfies with extravagantly costumed roaming artists, Creativiva.comn provide it, and with a flare you won’t find anywhere else. Hotel entertainment is quickly becoming a staple in the tourism industry, and is a great way to elevate your hotel’s image and name above the rest. To ensure quality in your hotel entertainment, bring Creativiva to your stage, and the smiles, laughs and memories will take care of themselves.

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