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Enter Creativiva: the provider of innovative entertainment solutions for any and every business type that will surely bring all the attention to your company!

Staying relevant and competitive in any industry is a priority for any business owner, large or small. Finding out what sets you apart and makes you attractive to customers over other firms in your industry is not only the key to survival in business – it’s the key to success. If you want to bring eyes to your firm, you’ll need something unique to bring you into the spotlight.

The one-stop entertainment shop

Are you looking to book high-quality festival entertainment for your next corporate gala? Maybe you’re a hotel or resort owner who wants to know more about how hotel entertainment can bring in more clientele. Or maybe you’re interested in other types of theatre productions, but aren’t sure how it can be sewn seamlessly into the fabric of your firm! Thankfully, Creativiva makes finding and creating innovative entertainment for your business simple and stress-free. Think creativity doesn’t belong in your business environment? Think again: at Creativiva, we work to bring artistry to every type of scene. We live to create – it’s in our name, after all! We have been developing theatre productions and other inventive types of innovative entertainment for nearly two decades to suit venues of all types. We’ve been bringing exciting hotel entertainment to inns around the world, and spectacular festival entertainment to places you’d never expect! At Creativiva, we understand that you specialize in the industry of your business, which is why we specialize in ours – so you don’t have to.

Festival Entertainment Always expect the unexpected

Creativiva’s innovative entertainment, including its musical theatre shows, hotel entertainment, and circus performances, are developed in one of the world’s most artistically inspiring cities: Toronto, Ontario. The creative hub of Canada, we are inspired every day by the quality and unique nature that exists and thrives in the streets of the nation’s largest metropolis. A proud producer of much of this innovative entertainment in Toronto, Creativiva’s fabulous theatre productions grace the stages far and wide, from our Toronto hometown and beyond. Much of our talent and theatre creators are Toronto natives as well, but Creativiva has also hosted artists from around the world to take part in the innovative entertainment we create. We abide by the idea that quality is key, so we do all that we must to ensure the innovative entertainment we deliver reflects this. Rely on Creativiva to be the ringmaster of innovative entertainment for your firm, and we’ll ensure the spotlight falls where it should, on you, every time.

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