CREATIVIVA – Jungle Book Musical

At Creativiva, we produce shows that do just that, and one of our many spectacular shows is a favourite of both children and the child in every grown-up: our adaptation of the beloved story of the Jungle Book Musical.

Invoking nostalgia is one of the most precious commodities a musical producer can provide to its audiences. Who doesn’t love to escape the trials of adulthood and reminisce the simplicity of childhood every once in awhile?

 Family entertainment that is truly for the whole family

Leave the world you know behind and delve into the forests of India, where the Jungle Book Musical comes to life! Join Mowgli, a young boy raised by wolves, as he and his panther and bear friends adventure through the jungle, making friends and meeting villains along the way. The Creativiva adaptation of Jungle Book Musical includes spectacular choreography to popular songs you know and love, hilarious quips both adults and children will enjoy, and the adventurous plot you remember. As a Canadian musical producer whose touring musicals have hit stages around the world, Creativiva works to ensure that our family entertainment is of high calibre, and our Jungle Book Musical is no exception to this. If your theatre is in search of its next feature show, and you want to draw in crowds of all kids, Creativiva’s Jungle Book Musical is a surefire classic that will have audiences of all ages smiling from ear to ear.

Jungle Book Show : The Creativiva difference

What qualities do you look for in a musical producer? High quality and professional talent? A one-of-a-kind wow-factor in every show? Attention to detail and ready-to-go productions? A company who has years of experience bringing its touring musicals and shows to venues worldwide? We believe you shouldn’t have to choose which values are most important, so Creativiva seeks to be the theatrics and musical producer that does it all. With Creativiva, we give you the whole package – our touring musicals are created, cast, and rehearsed in-house in Toronto, and then shipped directly to you, ready to hit the stage. Leave the family entertainment to us – with so many touring musical productions to choose from, including our fabulous Jungle Book Musical among many others, you’re sure to find a production that will appeal to your demographic and theatre brand. Join Baloo, Shere Khan, and Mowgli in the Creativiva production of the family favourite Jungle Book Musical, and experience the Creativiva difference.

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