CREATIVIVA – Musical Producer for Event Entertainment

Look no further than Creativiva – we are a Toronto-based circus arts and musical producer who has brought unique touring musicals and a variety of stage shows to venues around the world, and we are the perfect solution to your entertainment needs!

Family musicals, adult stage shows, and more

Creativiva is a leading musical producer in the creative city of Toronto, bringing its touring musicals and other stage productions to cities in every continent of the globe. Our adult shows like Dolce Vita include sensual storylines and extravagant musical numbers, and our family musicals have exciting interactive plots that will make kids feel like they are really taking part in the action of the adventure on stage! As a diverse and multifunctional musical producer, we seek to create something for everyone; that’s why you have the choice to browse our roster of excited pre-written scripts with familiar and fun plots, or have us create a stage show entirely from scratch to suit your particular needs and desires! Our entertainment fits like a glove and sets Creativiva apart as the musical producer who works to create exactly what you want, how you want it, and when you need it.

Musical Producer : Triple the threat and triple the fun!

Creativiva’s talented artists are scouted and cast both locally in Toronto and across the globe, hiring only the very best to represent our company and yours. Stage shows are rehearsed in our state-of-the-art studio theatre, and costumes, sets and props are built and decorated with every detail in mind. With a decade and a half in the business, Creativiva is an experienced and seasoned musical producer and entertainment creator, and we are proud to deliver the quality you expect of your entertainment every time. Not sure what your business needs? That’s why we’re here – book our exceptional consultation services to see what solution suits your requirements. Creativiva is so much more than simply a musical producer – we are the life of the party, the cream of the crop, and the excitement you need to get your business thriving!

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