CREATIVIVA – Show Production Company

You need the show production company with the knowledge and expertise to keep your company relevant in this competitive industry. You need Creativiva. Variety is the spice of life.

Nowadays, being a triple-threat is a necessity to stay competitive. You need to offer all the bells and whistles to keep your clients satisfied. In order to impress, you need to go above and beyond, as your customers expect the unexpected.

Success At Your Fingertips

Resorts, hotels and even shopping malls worldwide are adapting to the trend of bringing the customer to the world and thus, themselves to the main stage. If you aren’t offering everything, your customers will go to someone who will. Diversification within your firm is simple with Creativiva – no need to focus your energy on understanding entertainment and show production. As your show production company, we treat your business like our own. Success comes when each counterpart does what they do best, and as a worldwide theatre show producer, fantastic theatre shows and spectacular entertainment is our game. With over fifteen years in the industry, we know what your clients what and how to give it to them. Be the company that does it all, without the hassle of actually having to do it all! Outsource your entertainment needs to Creativiva, the show production company with your success in mind.

Entertainment Show Company, Lights, Camera, Creativiva!

Creativiva has brought mainstage theatre shows and incorporated hotel shows to venues around the globe for nearly two decades. From roaming artists to full-fledged circus and musical works, we are the theatre show producer who does it all. Our extravagant shows are developed and rehearsed in-house in our headquarters in Toronto, Canada. Our choreographers and directors bring the best out of our locally- and globally-sourced talent, and the theatre shows and hotel shows are finally tied together with impressive sets and costumes. As the all-in-one show production company, your incorporation of entertainment into your firm can be smooth and seamless, as Creativiva takes care of it all. Not quite sure what your space needs? No problem! Creativiva also offers educated and in-depth consultation services to recommend what kind of entertainment will best suit the needs of your business. Whether it’s mainstage, studio stage, or no stage at all, Creativiva is the show production company that will find a way to bring the excitement to your customers.

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