CREATIVIVA – Stage Show Event Entertainment

Can’t decide what type of entertainment to book for your theatre, gala or event? Do you love classic-style stage shows, but also love circus artistry? Are you looking for a reliable and professional theatre show producer who can do both?

Creativiva is here to answer your prayers – we are a Canadian theatre show producer whose stage shows incorporate acting, dancing, singing and acrobatics. What more could you need?!

You can have it all, and then some!

With Creativiva, you don’t have to pick between the excitement and wonder of acrobatics, and the feel-good sentiment of musicals and plays. At Creativiva, many of our touring shows incorporate elements of many performance genres, along with some other exciting twists! Additionally, we create stage shows for audiences of all types – adult-only audiences, kid-friendly, and even theatre productions the whole family will thoroughly enjoy. Our touring shows include songs you know and love, beautiful costumes and sets, professional direction and choreography, and performers whose talents will blow your mind! We’ve brought our extravagant theatre productions to stages around the world, and yours could be next!

Stage Show How do we do it?

Each stage show begins with an idea ? the idea that creativity can exist everywhere, and what is often said to be left to the imagination can be brought to life, right before your eyes. As a professional and seasoned theatre show producer, we work to create stage shows that tell stories intimately to our audiences, so that they may explore the wondrous worlds we expertly create, right from their very own seats. And because we understand the universal nature of art and magic, many of our theatre productions become touring shows, so that we may inspire and captivate audiences from every corner of the globe. We use our miraculous stage shows to bring the world together, because art is the language that everyone can understand. Whether your theatre or other venue type is in the heart of the Middle East, the heat of the Caribbean, or anywhere else in the world, Creativiva looks forward to bringing our stage shows, and in turn, our stories to you.

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