CREATIVIVA – Event Entertainment

Ever wonder what an experienced and talented theatre show producer could do for your business? Enhance your firm’s image and dazzle your clients and employees alike with enchanting stage shows and unique entertainment.

Creativiva – our state-of-the-art stage show production can bring excitement to any business environment, and can open your customer’s’ eyes to the possibilities that might lay beyond their imagination.

Touring shows, resident shows, shows of every kind

Creativiva is the theatre show producer that does it all – we have successfully brought large crowds in with our stage show productions and roaming circus artists in shopping malls around the world, and have impressed audiences at resorts everywhere. Not sure exactly how hiring a theatre show producer can benefit your company? Creativiva also offers custom, in-person entertainment consulting services, to identify what type of unique entertainment would be the best fit for the needs of your firm. Whether you’re looking to book one of our countless touring shows at your theatre venue, or are looking to host stage shows residentially for your hotel or resort guests, Creativiva is a flexible and dependable theatre show producer who works tirelessly to ensure that your every unique entertainment need is met and exceeded.

A Theatre Show Producer for an Unforgetable memories, guaranteed

For fifteen years, Creativiva has been in the business of stage show production as a theatre show producer on a mission: to live to create, and inspire audiences to do the same. We do so by creating unique entertainment and stage shows of incredibly high calibre, and securing the image of our clients as impressive and unparalleled in their industry. In a competitive marketplace, a firm can’t afford not to go above and beyond – that is why Creativiva seeks to be the theatre show producer to exceed the expectations of our clients and yours. A theatre show producer can add noteable and marketable value to any type of business, and is a spectacular way to bring the wow factor to your company.

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