CREATIVIVA – Theatre Shows

When seeking a theatre show producer to book for the stage, it can be difficult to tell which company will deliver the quality and professionalism that will reflect your theatre’s brand and identity.

The Internet has made it even more difficult to decipher the good companies from the bad ones. At Creativiva, we don’t just tell you our theatre shows are leaps above the rest, our history says it for us: we’ve taken our touring shows to stages across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the Americas, and beyond!

Nothing to hide

Stage show production is our passion, and we strive to deliver top quality and memorable storylines with every theatre show we create. Creativiva is confident in its image and ability – that’s why we’ve taken our shows to major stages, and have signed contracts with several five-star resorts! As a Canadian theatre show producer, we understand that other companies both nationally and around the world look up to us as leaders in the industry. We proudly maintain that image by creating extravagant, unique theatre shows to suit every type of audience, and send many of our stage show productions to become touring shows for stages across the globe! We represent Canadian talent and quality with every opening and closing of the curtain, and love nothing more than to represent your theatre with all that we have to offer.

Theatre Show For stages large and small

Whether it is a world-class or a studio theatre (or not even a theatre at all), Creativiva is able to create and adapt its theatre shows to suit any venue type. We believe that performance of high distinction is able to occur anywhere, so long as you have a seasoned, professional theatre show producer to make it so. Creativiva.comrefully selects its talent for each production, whether we can source it locally or must scour the globe for just the right artists. The costumes, props and set pieces are professionally designed and built specifically for each of our theatre shows, and our choreographers and directors are highly educated and established in the industry. At Creativiva, we care about how your theatre is viewed and represented, so we leave nothing to chance, ensuring that each element of all of our theatre shows is the best it can possibly be. Not only do we represent our brand, but we represent yours as well, and we treat your stage as our home.

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