CREATIVIVA – Touring Musical

Who doesn’t love when the circus comes to town? Creativiva’s touring musicals are a special kind of show, incorporating dancing, sing, acting and acrobatics into our shows!

As both a musical producer and hub for circus arts, the Creativiva brand of musical theatre is a one of a kind, and the perfect touring musical to book for your theatrical venue.

Endless family musicals to choose from!

Looking for laughs all around? Creativiva’s unique family entertainment strategy incorporates both adult yet kid-friendly humour. From our touring musical productions of Aladdin to The Jungle Book musical, Creativiva’s countless roster of shows means that there is something for everyone. Each of our touring musicals is created with the audience and your venue in mind, tailored with professional performers, impeccable quality costumes and props, in-house written scripts, and with no detail left out. Creativiva is an attentive and professional musical producer who has brought its touring musicals to stages of all kinds, shapes and sizes for almost two decades, and it is experience like ours that differentiate us from all others in the business of family entertainment. We are a leader in the performing arts industry in Toronto, and are proud to have had our touring musicals showcased at so many vicinities worldwide.

Touring Musical coming to a stage near you…

Because we believe that theatre belongs to all, we design our shows with an international mindset. Our touring musicals are simple to follow, no matter the linguistic proficiency of our audience. We seek to use art and creativivyy to break the barriers that separate the nations of the world, and Creativiva’s touring musicals are an exceptional example of how we all smile in the same language. Kids love to sing along to the popular tunes featured in our shows, and parents can laugh along to the hilarity of our eccentric and exciting characters. Nothing makes memories quite like family entertainment, so bring Creativiva’s touring musicals to your stage, and experience the wonder.

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